March 2022

Dear Friends and Co Labourers,

As Paul penned his letter to the church of Philippi, he was careful to say of his friends there according to Philippians 4:16b, “…ye sent once and again unto my necessity.”  Since May of 2014 many of you have done the same for the Caudill family.  Therefore, from the bottom of our hearts Cassie and I thank you so very much.  Our wonderful Lord has worked through your prayers, friendship, and financial support in order to sustain us and for that we are so grateful.

The new year always proves to be a busy time for the staff here at our home office.  I often say that our office deals with the part of world evangelism that very few people ever stop to think of.  For instance, preparing 1099’s for over 120 missionary families in preparation for tax season is no small task.  However, the work must be done if those families are to stay on the field preaching the Gospel.  I am glad to report that thanks to the hard work of our office staff that work has been accomplished, and therefore the work of the Lord can continue around the world.  To God be the glory!

In February I was blessed to be a part of a “Reach the World” youth conference at the New Testament Baptist Church of Floral City, Florida, where Brother Ledford Hodges serves as the pastor.  One hundred twenty young people from several different churches were there, and God blessed in a mighty way.  MWBM missionary Nathan Saunders does a great job organizing and setting up these meetings.  Our hope is to have several throughout the year that God might work through them in order to raise up another generation of missionaries.  Pastor, would you like to host a “Reach the World” youth conference?  MWBM can help!  Give Brother Nathan Saunders a call at 406-360-9392.  He is looking forward to hearing from you.

Recently while preaching in Hampton, Virginia, Cassie and I had the privilege of visiting with MWBM missionaries Blake and Haley Muscott.  The Muscotts have a very unique ministry reaching the Seaman of the World from the shippings ports there around the Tidewater area.  The world has literally come to them, and God is using them to reach the world in a mighty way.  We are very grateful that God is still in the business of calling quality young couples like the Muscotts to accomplish His will.  We are also praying regularly that God would raise up more couples to do the same.  Truly the hour is late, and the need has never been greater.  Will you go?

Cassie and I continually desire your prayers for safety as we travel.  As we enter into the spring, opportunities abound for us to “fan the flame of world evangelism.”  The Lord has been so good to fill our calendar with missions conferences and missions Sundays.  Between the work here at the home office and special missions meetings, we are as busy as we have ever been in the ministry.  We could not do it without you!  Therefore with your help and by God’s grace we will continue by faith.

For the sake of souls,

Dr. Scott Caudill



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