June 2021

Psalms 126:3, The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.  It was seven years ago this May that Cassie and I left the pastorate after almost twenty two years in order to become a full time part of the ministry of Macedonia World Baptist Missions.  Several of you have labored with us now for each of those seven years, and through you God has supplied our every need.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.  We are honored to work with you in order that we together might reach the world with the Gospel.  Truly the hour is late, and the need has never been greater.

Many of you have been praying for our recent software transition here at our home office.  I am glad to be able to report that the new software is currently up and running.  During the difficult transition not one missionary missed receiving monthly support or special offerings.  This is a great testimony to the grace of God and the hours of labor performed by the office staff. Thank you MWBM office staff.  To God be the glory!

Besides the labor in our office, the Lord has certainly kept us busy in missions conferences and missions emphasis Sundays.  Just since our last prayer letter we have been in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Georgia.  One of the joys of our lives is helping local pastors “fan the flame of world evangelism” in their churches.  We certainly praise the Lord for the increases in faith promise giving that we have been blessed to see and the lives we have seen surrendered to do God’s will.  One of the highlights of the quarter was seeing a young teenage boy saved during the  missions conference at the Central Baptist Church of Ocala, Florida, where Dr. Andy Bloom serves as the pastor.  What a meeting!  What a God we serve!

It was also thrilling to recently host several new missionary families here at our home office during our two day mini orientation.  There were church planters to the Middle East, Idaho, North Dakota, and Mexico here.   It proved to be a productive time of training and fellowship for each missionary family.  What a joy to welcome new missionaries and friends to the MWBM family!  We pray daily during our devotions that God would raise up even more.

Our print shop recently finished an order of one million Gospel tracts that will be shipped to Honduras within the next few days.  Some of you have graciously given to print those tracts, and others have given to ship them.  Only eternity will reveal the true worth of our labor together.  Thank you!

We are so excited about three special opportunities to reach out specifically to young people in a missions emphasis.  MWBM just hosted the quarterly meeting of the Georgia Youth Fellowship where over one hundred teenagers were on our campus for a rally meeting.  I had the opportunity to preach to them about the great need of the Gospel around the world.  In June we will also host the “Reach the World Youth Conference.”  We will have missionaries from around the world teaching classes and preaching to young folks who are considering giving their lives for world evangelism.  Also, I will have the privilege to preach at a missions youth camp in Roanoke, Alabama.  Please help us pray that the Lord will send forth laborers into his harvest from these meetings.

In closing, Cassie and I always ask our friends to pray for our own soul winning efforts.  As long as God gives us breath to breathe it is our heart’s desire to be shining lights for Him.  Therefore, with your help and by His grace we will continue BY FAITH.

For the sake of souls,

Dr Scott Caudill

President & General Director

Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.


March 2021

Dear Co-Labourers and Friends,

Matthew 28:5-7a says, “And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.  He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.  And GO quickly, and TELL his disciples that he is risen from the dead;…”  When these ladies witnessed for themselves the empty tomb that first resurrection morning, they were instructed by the angel to GO and TELL.  As a part of the same family, we too have been commanded to do the same.  That is the work of world evangelism.  That is why we go.  That is why we give.  That is why we get involved in the great commission.  It is not a suggestion to be ignored; it is a command to be obeyed!  GO and TELL!

Cassie and I want to say thank you again for your support prayerfully and financially.  With your help we are able to more effectively go and tell.   Rest assured we never take your partnership for granted and count it a joy to be your representatives to the world.  Many of you were kind enough to send a special Christmas gift last quarter along with your regular support.  What a blessing you have been to us!   From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

The Lord has certainly kept us busy since our last letter.  Thank you for continuing to help us pray for the software transition here at our home office.  If all goes as planned, by the time you read this letter it should be up and running.  That is not only the result of a lot of prayer but also literally months of hard work on behalf of our office staff.   We have also been busy in our office interviewing new MWBM missionaries.  I am very excited about these missionaries reaching the Middle East as well as the Pacific Northwest with the Gospel.  Also, we continue to train missionaries through Macedonia World Baptist Institute of World Evangelism.  In fact, you can take classes yourself!  Log on to mwbminstitute.org and check it out.  Then of course, week after week God has opened doors for Cassie and me to help Pastors stir God’s peoples’ hearts for reaching the world with the Gospel.  What a joy it has been to see churches increase their missions giving in spite of a world wide pandemic!  Rest assured friend, God is not through just yet!  I have been blessed in conference after conference to see Him work in the hearts of His people in a mighty way.  Believing that God would give through them what He would have never given to them, one church increased their missions giving by $5000.  Another church has determined to more than double what they had given the previous year for God’s glory.  I realize it takes more than money to get a missionary to the field, but what a wonderful way for God’s people to not only partner with missionaries around the world, but to also exercise their faith as well.   Thank you for giving to the cause of Christ!  Only eternity will reveal the true worth of it.

In closing, would you please continue to pray for our safety as we travel?  Would you please continue to pray that God would work through our own personal soul winning efforts to reach others with the Gospel?  Would you please help us pray that God would raise up more labourers for His harvest?  On a personal note, our son Joshua will be getting married March 26.  Please help us pray for him and his fiancé Amanda as they begin their lives together.  Believing that you will continue to pray for us, Cassie and I therefore continue BY FAITH.


For the sake of souls,

Dr Scott Caudill

President & General Director

Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.


September 2020

Dear Friends and Co-Labourers,
Cassie and I greet you in the name of our wonderful Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are so very grateful for your faithful prayers, your financial support, and your friendship. We could not do what God has called us to do without you.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.  
Most churches have begun to at least try to resume somewhat of a normal schedule of services since the start of the worldwide pandemic.  Therefore, Cassie and I have been very busy with missions conferences and special missions Sundays.  It has been such a blessing to see pastors realize the need to keep world evangelism in front of God’s people even during these unprecedented days.  The work of God must go on!  There is no time to waste!  Truly the hour is late, and the need to reach the world with the Gospel has never been greater!   Our hearts have been blessed to hear of many churches doing even more for missions recently than they have ever done before.  To God be the glory!  Thank you, Pastor, for your burden and vision as well as your determination to “keep the main thing the main thing.”  Only eternity will reveal the extent of your efforts as you lead God’s people to do more for missions. 
Recently, I had the joy of preaching a missions conference at the Sumter Baptist Temple of Sumter, South Carolina, where Brother Mike Westmoreland serves as the Pastor.  What a great few days!  The first night of the meeting while preaching out of John chapter six,  I reminded the SBT family of the little lad that gave his little lunch to the Lord.  I also reminded them that just as God used that little lad’s lunch in a mighty way to feed the multitude, God can and will use our “little lunch” as well.  The very next night of the meeting a young lady by the name of Valerie, with her dad standing by her side, gladly told me that she had made the decision to give her “little lunch” to the Lord.  Hallelujah!  After the service that night, several other teens lined up to tell me the same thing.  Another told me she felt that God had specifically called her to serve Him in missions!  What a blessing to actually see real missions revival in the hearts of God’s people.   Thank you, Pastor Westmoreland and SBT family, for your passion for world evangelism.  My heart was both encouraged and challenged as a result of our few days together. 
I also want to thank you again for praying for the software transition for our home office that I mentioned in my last prayer letter.  Please continue to pray for this need.  Our MWBM missionaries are much too busy with their own ministries for them to have to even remotely be concerned with getting their monthly suppprt in a timely manner.  If all goes as planned, this new software will enable us to serve our missionary families even more effectively in the days to come.  Our office staff has worked tirelessly on the behalf of each MWBM family and have determined to continue to do so.  I never cease to be amazed at their level of commitment to what our home office must do on a daily basis in order for each missionary family to remain busy on their prospective field.  I am challenged daily by their faithfulness.  Thank you dear friends!  You are doing a wonderful work for the Lord! 
In closing, Cassie and I would ask that you join us in prayer for safety as we travel. We have missions conferences planned as far north as Maine and as far south as Florida within the next quarter.  Most importantly, we desire and seek God’s touch to be used in a mighty way to “fan the flame of world evangelism” in the hearts of God’s people.  With your help and by God’s grace, we therefore continue by faith.   
For the sake of souls,
Dr Scott Caudill
President, General Director
Macedonia World Baptist Missions


June 2020

Dear Friends and Co Labourers,
Proverbs 27:1 says, “Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”  As I prayed about the first paragraph of our next prayer letter this was the verse that kept coming to mind.  I believe if the worldwide pandemic has taught us anything, it has driven home the truth of Proverbs 27:1.  Is it not amazing how quickly things can change?  At the same time, what a joy it is to know that our wonderful Lord never changes!  Just this morning during our daily devotions here at our home office our West Indies field director, Brother David Fenley reminded us of Malachi 3:6a where the Word of God says, “For I am the LORD, I change not;…”   The world is a much different place than it was just since our last prayer letter.  Things have certainly changed.  However, our Lord remains the same.  His cause and His work continue and therefore so do we.
From the bottom of our hearts Cassie and I thank you for your friendship and your prayers as well as your faithful financial support.  Some of you have been kind enough to send extra financial support during this time for which we are so incredibly grateful.  Just like other missionaries, we have had several weeks of meetings to cancel, and God has used you to help meet our needs.  We never cease to be amazed at the goodness of God and the generosity of His people.  We are so blessed to be able to call you our friends.  Again, Cassie and I thank you.
I am pleased to report that the services our home office provides for our Macedonia missionary families have not wavered over the course of the last few weeks.  Our office staff has gone the extra mile to assure each family that our labor for them would remain unaltered during these unprecedented days.  Many of them have been quarantined with small children for weeks.  Others have had to put ministries on hold in order to comply with local officials’ stay at home orders.  The least our office staff could do for our missionary families was to assure them that we would be here to help any way we could.  We have maintained regular office hours since day one of the pandemic.  It is no small undertaking to handle the finances of every Macedonia missionary family, yet our staff has continued to do so without interruption. Beyond providing the daily services we offer our missionaries, our office staff has continued to implement a new software accounting system.  This alone has resulted in many extra hours of training, planning, and preparation.  Therefore, let me say again what I have said many times before,  I praise the Lord for those who are willing to labor behind the scenes, often overlooked or even thought of, in order for the missionary on the field to continue to focus on the work that God has called them to do.  It takes all of us in our place and doing our part for the cause of Christ to advance.  Thank you MWBM office staff!  It is an honor to labor alongside of each of you.
Throughout the course of the quarantine time I was reminded there is always something that can be done to reach others with the Gospel.  Recently Cassie has been burdened personally to reach our neighbors in our own community.  Having realized that world missions does not begin across the sea but rather across the street, she proceeded to spend a great deal of her quarantine time writing each neighbor personally.  Having acquired each of their personal mailing addresses she not only sent them her letter but also a tract which included a very clear presentation of the Gospel.  I was thrilled by her initiative, but I was also challenged by it as well.  That just goes to prove that “waiting” time never has to be “wasted” time.  Remember friend, there is someone only you can reach with the Gospel.  Will you?  If not you, who?  If not now, when?
The work goes on!  The King’s business requires haste!  Have you planned your missions Sunday or Missions Conference yet?  Chances are your church family will only be as excited as you are to reach the world with the Gospel.  Truly the hour is late, and the need is great!  Therefore, with your help and by God’s grace Cassie and I continue by faith.  
Dr. Scott Caudill
Ps. 28:7


March 2020

Dear friends and co-labourers,

I Corinthians 15:58 says, “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”  What a joy to know that our labour for the Lord and His great cause is not in vain.  I am convinced that only eternity will reveal the true worth of our work together to reach the world with the Gospel.  From the bottom of our hearts Cassie and I thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support.

Whereas the month of December slows down quite a bit for us at least as far as traveling is concerned, this January and February have been some of our busiest months to date.  I have found that many churches who have a desire and drive to reach the world with the Gospel utilize the first two months of the new year to emphasize missions in their church.  Therefore the Lord has filled our calendar with mission’s Sundays and mission’s conferences as well.  Week after week, mile after mile, praying, preaching, and preparing to assist the next pastor and church family focus on world evangelism is what God has put in our hearts to do.  It has been absolutely thrilling to see the Lord move upon the hearts of His people not only concerning giving but also going themselves as well.  In fact, I have been amazed at the number of interviews we have had with new missionary candidates just since our last prayer letter.  We have met with missionary families that God has called to take the Gospel to Ecuador, South Africa, California, and Northwestern USA, as well as an international ministry reaching mariners based out of Norfolk, Virginia.  It has been such a thrill to meet these precious families who have willingly laid their lives down in service for our wonderful Lord.  I look forward in the days to come to working with their sending churches and pastors in order to help them do what God has put in their heart to do.  We also make it a matter of prayer weekly here at our office that God would raise up more labourers for His work.   Truly the harvest is great, but the labourers are few.  Who will go that the world might know the Saviour?

Our staff has certainly been busy here at our home office as well.  Of course every new year our office works diligently to prepare the necessary tax forms for every MWBM family.  This alone constitutes hours and hours of labor for our office staff.  I am careful to mention that, because quite honestly it is a part of missions that very few people ever think about.  However, it is a job that must be done in order for the missionaries to focus on their work.  Therefore, I want to thank our office staff here at Macedonia that work diligently to take this load off of the sending church, pastor, and missionary.  On top of that, our staff has been training for months now in order to implement a new computer and accounting system which should go into effect April 1.  Would you please join us in prayer that all will go well with this transition?  Our missionaries and their works are depending upon it.  We certainly would appreciate your prayers for these needs.

In the month of July 2020, Cassie and I plan on attending Macedonia’s next European Church Planters Conference with our European field director, Dr. Roger Baker.  It is looking like the conference will be held in Germany again this year.  Would you please join us in prayer concerning the trip?  The plane tickets usually cost around $3000 for the two of us, and then there is lodging to consider as well.   In the past God has always provided for these needs, and we believe with all of our hearts that He will do the same this time as well.  Where He guides, He will provide!  Thank you for praying with us for this need.  It is certainly our heart’s desire to be a blessing to our nine families labouring for the Lord in Europe and the Middle East.

There are many highlights I could mention over the course of the last quarter, however one stands out among them all.  Cassie and I had a wonderful “World Missions Sunday” in January with Pastor Alan Sinclair and the wonderful people of the Berean Baptist Church of Ellenwood, Georgia.  What a blessing after I finished preaching Sunday morning to see a teenage boy walk the aisle and trust Christ as his Saviour.  I am glad God is still in the business of saving old sinners!

We could not do what God has called us to do without you.  Thank you for letting God use you.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Thank you for labouring with us.  Because of the cause of Christ and with your help, we will continue by faith.


Dr. Scott Caudill

Ps. 28:7

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December 2019

Dear Friends,

Cassie and I love this time of year!  Of course, to the world that does not know the Christ of Christmas personally, it is just a time for gifts, glitter, and get togethers.  However, to those of us that know Him as Lord and as Saviour, it is a wonderful time to reflect upon the greatest “mission’s outreach” in the history of mankind.  The Bible says in Galatians 4:4-5, “But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.”  The greatest gift that has ever been given is the gift you and I who are saved offer to “whosoever” every time we share the Gospel.  It is the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  It is our heart’s desire to be soul winners every day of our lives.  The great God of glory has put in our hearts to share the same Gospel that has changed our lives with the rest of the entire world.  Therefore as we have said so many times before, thank you for laboring with us.  It is only through your faithful prayers and support that we are able to do what God has called us to do.  Only eternity will reveal the true worth of our labor together.

Shortly before my friend Dr. Stinnett Ballew passed away, he challenged me to keep a record of the money that was raised for missions during the mission’s conferences that God allowed me to preach.  Having felt led of the Lord to do so, Cassie and I set a goal of having at least a small part in raising over one million dollars for world evangelism in 2019.  Having prayed, labored, and traveled literally thousands of miles this year, we have not only witnessed that goal being met but far exceeded by several hundred thousand dollars.  To God be the glory!  Although we realize it takes much more than just finances to get missionaries to the field, we praise the Lord for the faithful giving of God’s people.  Truly it takes each of us doing our part in order to reach the world with the Gospel.

Over the course of the last few prayer letters, I have told you about our next mission’s trip to Burkina Faso.  We have planned and prepared two years for this trip. We purchased our round-trip tickets ($4200) and got all the shots required ($400) to get into the country.  However, as much as it breaks our hearts it appears the Lord has shut this door to us for now.  Less than forty-eight hours after purchasing our airline tickets, we received an email from the U.S. Department of State with a “Do Not Travel Advisory” for the country.  Just last week fourteen people were shot and killed in an attack on a church in eastern Burkina Faso.   We sought counsel from our Pastor as well as Brother Keith Shumaker, missionary to Burkina Faso, and have decided to postpone the trip.  Please pray that God would continue to give direction as we pray about our next trip.

On a better note, the forty-third annual Macedonia Conference was held this year at the Calvary Baptist Church of Statesville, North Carolina.  The Pastor, Dr. Chris Haizlip and the staff of CBC did an outstanding job preparing for the meeting.  They were very gracious hosts.  There were thirty-one MWBM families present during the conference, and it proved to be one of the greatest we have ever had.  Our hearts were both stirred and challenged to do more for the cause of Christ than we have ever done before.  We also prayed together that God would call more men to preach and more families to the mission field.  Truly the night is coming when no man can work. Will you go?  Will you pray?  Will you give so that others can go?

In closing, let me say again thank you very much for your prayers and faithful support.  Several of our supporting churches have sent gifts for Christmas for which Cassie and I are so very grateful.  However more than anything, we appreciate your prayers and your friendship.  It is because of that as well as the faithfulness of our wonderful Lord that we by the grace of God will continue by faith.


For the sake of souls,

Dr. Scott Caudill

President and General Director


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September 2019

Dear Fellow Laborers,

The psalmist encourages us in Psalm 68:3…”But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.” We have much to rejoice over as God’s children! Our names are recorded in heaven; our souls are safe in Jesus; our sins have been forgiven; our future is bright! Cassie and I are also rejoicing over the privilege to serve Him on your behalf as your missionaries. He has been so very good to us. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for your prayers and financial support.

You may remember at the first of the year Cassie and I set a goal to have a small part in helping churches raise one million dollars for World Evangelism in 2019. World Missions Sundays, Missions Conferences, Faith Promise meetings, Special Missions Offerings…we have been keeping track of the money churches in these kinds of meetings have raised to send the gospel around the world. Thus far, with four months to go in the year, our records show that faith promise commitments and missions giving have totaled $825,000. We still have several missions conferences and special Sundays to go. Therefore we are continuing to pray the Lord will help us reach and exceed this million dollar goal. Of course, this is a result of many hours of travel, prayer, and preparation, as well as your faithful giving and partnership with us in this ministry. Thus far in this quarter alone our travels have taken us to NC, SC, AL, FL, TN, VA, and GA. We could not do this work without the faithful prayers and giving of churches like yours. Please know we are doing what we can do to make sure that fruit abounds to your account, our great God is being magnified, and His great plan to reach the world with the Gospel is being carried out.

We would like to say a special thank you to Heaven Bound Baptist Church and Pastor Jimmy Settle of North Wilkesboro, NC, who received a special offering to go toward our travels to Africa and Europe next year. We are saving now to purchase airline tickets to go to Burkina Faso, West Africa, in January to visit our MWBM church planters, the Keith Shumaker family. We expect these tickets to cost around $3,000. We also have a scheduled meeting in the Netherlands to take part in a church planters conference with all of our European missionaries in July, 2020. I have asked our office staff to set up an account to put back money to prepare for the expenses for these trips. Please join us in prayer that the Lord would help us as we make plans for these visits with our missionaries.

Recently while in a missions revival in Crestview, FL, Cassie was able to share the gospel with a young lady who worked at the hotel where we were staying. Please help us pray for Donelle that she would receive the help she needs from the Lord. Also, as our travels allow Cassie is now volunteering periodically in Bible clubs in the public schools. She is able to share the gospel each week with elementary school children. Pray for fertile ground in the hearts of these youngsters and that they would receive Christ as their Savior.

In closing, please know that we are trying to be a faithful witness for our Lord everywhere we go. I often say world evangelism does not begin across the sea… it begins across the street. Each Christian should endeavor to reach their neighbors, friends, and family for Christ, as well as give to send missionaries around the world to every mission field. It is only with your determination to do so that Cassie and I are able to continue by faith.


For the sake of souls,

Dr. Scott Caudill


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