June 2023

Dear friends and co labourers,

As I write this quarter my heart is filled with gratitude.  It was nine years ago this May that Cassie and I left the pastorate after almost twenty-two years in order that I may serve as the General Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions.  We are grateful first and foremost to the Lord who has graciously supplied our every need thus enabling us to do what He has put in our hearts to do.  However, we are also grateful to each of you.  God’s people have been so good to us!  Some of you reading this letter have partnered with us from the very beginning of this missions journey.  From the bottom of our hearts Cassie and I thank you for your prayers, your faithful support, and your friendship.  Please know we are ever mindful of your sending “once and again” unto our necessity.  We never take your prayers or your support for granted.

We also wanted to thank those of you that have given to help with the expenses of our missions trip to Europe this summer.   Our tickets to England have been purchased!  Lord willing, we will be leaving Monday, July 3rd in order to fill in for our missionary,  Jonathan Vandenhurk of Peterborough, England, for a period of six weeks.  We also have plans to visit some of our other church planters in Europe.  Throughout the course of our time in England, we will be scouting some surrounding areas prayerfully seeking a city that is in need of a Bible preaching church.  I am sure we will not have to look long to find one.  Will you go?   Will you help us reach the lost of Europe for God’s glory?  We look forward to sharing more news concerning our trip next prayer letter.  Stay tuned!

It has been a very busy spring!   Our efforts to fan the flame of world evangelism have taken us through nine different states this quarter.   We are very thankful for traveling mercies as well as for every door of opportunity God opens for us to challenge churches concerning world evangelism.  We were also blessed to see a record number of teenagers attend our “Reach the World” youth conference this year here on our property in Hoschton, Georgia.  Would you please help us pray that God would bless the seeds that were sown that day in order that another crop of missionaries might be raised up to reach the world with the Gospel? 

We rejoice in the fact God is still calling people to the mission field!  Just a few weeks ago we were blessed to host four new missionary families here at our training center for a two day orientation.  We are very grateful for the Matt Stahlman family (Europe), the Leland Johnson family (West Indies), the Alex Larson family (Iceland), and the Brian Delany family (South Korea) who were present during the orientation.  I feel that whatever partnership the Lord leads your church family to form with them will result in fruit that will abound to your account.  If you would like to have them present their burden to your church family, please email me at drcaudill@mwbm.org, and I will be more than glad to put you in touch with them.  I also rejoice in another application that has recently come into our office for a family that God has called to plant churches in the Netherlands.  Can I say it again?  God is still calling people to the mission field!  To God be the glory!

Truly the hour is late, and the need to reach the world with the Gospel has never been greater!  Whereas the need is great all over the world, each of us ought to strive to remember that world evangelism does not begin across the sea, it begins across the street.  It does not begin across the border, it begins around the block.  Let us be a “missionary” for the Lord today wherever we are!  With your help and by God’s grace that is our plan.  Therefore, we continue by faith.


For the sake of souls,


Scott Caudill

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