September 2021

Dear Friends,

Cassie and I greet you in the name of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.  As always we want to thank you for your prayers as well as your financial support.  We are honored to be a part of your missions family and count it a joy to labor with you to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ.

The Lord has been so gracious to allow us to be a part of several missions Sundays and conferences since our last letter.  We are so appreciative for your prayers as we travel.  Between meetings and missions trips we have traveled to or at least through sixteen different states this quarter.  We praise the Lord for every safe mile He has granted for His glory.  Thank you for praying for our safety on the road.

Throughout the course of our recent travels we were blessed to visit with one of our MWBM church planting families to South Dakota, Brother Jesse Hailey, his wife Melanie, and their children.   The Lord is using this family in a mighty way in the Northwest US.  Not only has God used Brother Hailey to plant a church in the state capital of Pierre, but having turned that church over to a pastor he has also planted the Elk Point Baptist Church of Elk Point, South Dakota, as well.  Now, as a result of ten faithful years of pastoring the church, the Haileys believe that God would have them stay as the church’s full time pastor.  It is always hard to see missionaries leave Macedonia, but I honestly do not mind losing them this way.  Cassie and I are thrilled to know that as a result of the Hailey’s faithfulness two independent Baptist churches have been planted.  Those churches not only continue to impact the state of South Dakota but the world  as well through their own missions outreaches for the cause of Christ.  To God be the glory!  That is what New Testament missions is all about.  Thank you for your faithfulness, Pastor Hailey!  Macedonia World Baptist Missions rejoices in the partnership that was forged with you and your sending church over twenty years ago.  My prayer is that God would raise up more families like yours in the days to come.

Another highlight of the quarter was to be able to preach the first missions conference of the Graceway Baptist Church of Washington DC, where Brother Brad Wells serves as the founding pastor.  Brother Wells and his family planted the church in DC just a few years ago.  What a great time to be in our nation’s capital: the week of July the fourth!  I enjoyed preaching every night of the conference, but Saturday night proved to be very special.   It was then I was able to stand and preach on the steps of the Supreme Court.  While using I Timothy 2:1-4 I preached on three ways we can be a blessing to America.  We can be a blessing to America by praying fervently, by living righteously, and by evangelizing faithfully.  Those truths will become very evident as you and I study the first four verses of I Timothy 2.  Are we really praying for our country?  Are we living in a way that pleases the Lord?  Are we busy about God’s business of reaching others with the Gospel?  Truly the hour is late and the need to do so has never been greater!  Thank you, Pastor Wells and Graceway Baptist Church, for a wonderful few days together.

In the home office, we not only continue our monthly services for our Macedonia families around the world, but we are also preparing for the MWBM conference September 26-29.  This year’s conference will be hosted by the Zion Hill Baptist Church of Greenville, SC, where Brother Danny Moore serves as the pastor.  Thus far, we have about thirty five missionary families planning on being a part.  Please help us pray for a time of refreshment and revival for each of our MWBM families who will attend.

In closing, Cassie and I were blessed to share the Gospel recently with a man by the name of Jim.  Jim is an older man that has never met Christ personally.  He was somewhat receptive of our message for which we are grateful.  Would you please help us pray that the seed of the Gospel that was sown in his heart would take root?  We also have others on our hearts we are trying to reach as well.  It is certainly our desire to be soul winners for God’s glory.  World evangelism begins across the street!

May we never forget that the King’s business requires haste!  Therefore, as a result of God’s good grace and your continued prayers and support, we will continue by faith.

For the sake of souls,

Dr. Scott Caudill


June 2021

Psalms 126:3, The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.  It was seven years ago this May that Cassie and I left the pastorate after almost twenty two years in order to become a full time part of the ministry of Macedonia World Baptist Missions.  Several of you have labored with us now for each of those seven years, and through you God has supplied our every need.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.  We are honored to work with you in order that we together might reach the world with the Gospel.  Truly the hour is late, and the need has never been greater.

Many of you have been praying for our recent software transition here at our home office.  I am glad to be able to report that the new software is currently up and running.  During the difficult transition not one missionary missed receiving monthly support or special offerings.  This is a great testimony to the grace of God and the hours of labor performed by the office staff. Thank you MWBM office staff.  To God be the glory!

Besides the labor in our office, the Lord has certainly kept us busy in missions conferences and missions emphasis Sundays.  Just since our last prayer letter we have been in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Georgia.  One of the joys of our lives is helping local pastors “fan the flame of world evangelism” in their churches.  We certainly praise the Lord for the increases in faith promise giving that we have been blessed to see and the lives we have seen surrendered to do God’s will.  One of the highlights of the quarter was seeing a young teenage boy saved during the  missions conference at the Central Baptist Church of Ocala, Florida, where Dr. Andy Bloom serves as the pastor.  What a meeting!  What a God we serve!

It was also thrilling to recently host several new missionary families here at our home office during our two day mini orientation.  There were church planters to the Middle East, Idaho, North Dakota, and Mexico here.   It proved to be a productive time of training and fellowship for each missionary family.  What a joy to welcome new missionaries and friends to the MWBM family!  We pray daily during our devotions that God would raise up even more.

Our print shop recently finished an order of one million Gospel tracts that will be shipped to Honduras within the next few days.  Some of you have graciously given to print those tracts, and others have given to ship them.  Only eternity will reveal the true worth of our labor together.  Thank you!

We are so excited about three special opportunities to reach out specifically to young people in a missions emphasis.  MWBM just hosted the quarterly meeting of the Georgia Youth Fellowship where over one hundred teenagers were on our campus for a rally meeting.  I had the opportunity to preach to them about the great need of the Gospel around the world.  In June we will also host the “Reach the World Youth Conference.”  We will have missionaries from around the world teaching classes and preaching to young folks who are considering giving their lives for world evangelism.  Also, I will have the privilege to preach at a missions youth camp in Roanoke, Alabama.  Please help us pray that the Lord will send forth laborers into his harvest from these meetings.

In closing, Cassie and I always ask our friends to pray for our own soul winning efforts.  As long as God gives us breath to breathe it is our heart’s desire to be shining lights for Him.  Therefore, with your help and by His grace we will continue BY FAITH.

For the sake of souls,

Dr Scott Caudill

President & General Director

Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.